Perspectives is a Canadian journal of political economy and social democracy, delivering ideas and strategy for building a world that is just and equitable. Guided by the Broadbent Principles for Canadian Social Democracy, the journal refines analysis and progressive inquiry of political economy, public policy, history, and social movements, to bring them into public debates and political fora.

We present commentary, interviews, peer-reviewed analysis and other content to help inform strategists, organizers, academics, and policymakers of the theory, ideas, and practice that can be used to build a just and equitable world.

Furthermore, Perspectives brings evidence and data to back up critical analysis of political economy, especially in the face of global crises, engineered austerity, and status quo malaise.

Perspectives aligns with the Broadbent Institute’s intersecting policy research streams of Decommodification, Climate Action, and Empowering Workers. We also present points-of-view that empower the working-class on major issues of Canada’s political economy, including housing as a human right, democratic reform, and science and technology. Perspectives encourages rigorous debate on public policy, and the approaches to building a world that is just and equitable.

Perspectives draws on the Broadbent Institute’s wide network of policy fellow experts, strategists, and leading policymakers to consult on technical content to ensure the robustness of analysis on matters of political economy.

Established in 2023, Perspectives is a publication of the Broadbent Institute. The journal features ideas and opinions originally published by the Broadbent Institute’s web blog since its inception in 2011, to continue more than a decade of thought leadership and analysis developed by the Institute.


Clement Nocos – Editor-in-Chief, Broadbent Institute, Director of Policy and Engagement
Jen Hassum – Publisher, Broadbent Institute, Executive Director
Jack McClelland – Communications Assistant, Broadbent Institute, Digital Communications Assistant

Journal Editorial Committee
  • Frances Abele – Broadbent Policy Fellow; Distinguished Research Professor and Chancellor’s Professor Emerita in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University.
  • Rob Gillezeau – Broadbent Policy Fellow and Member of the Broadbent Institute Board of Directors; Assistant Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at the University of Toronto.
  • Brendan Haley – Broadbent Policy Fellow; Adjunct Research Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University, Policy Director at Efficiency Canada.
  • David McGrane – Broadbent Policy Fellow; Professor of Political Science at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Dr. Danyaal Raza – Broadbent Policy Fellow; Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and Unity Health Toronto family physician.
  • Margot Young – Broadbent Policy Fellow; Professor at the Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia.