Contribute to Perspectives

Perspectives welcomes contributions such as opinion, long-form analysis, in-depth explainers on matters of current affairs, as well as reviews of media and other publications that interrogate questions of political economy.

Contributions to Perspectives are meant to help inform strategists, organizers, academics, policymakers, and the interested public of the policies and strategies to dismantle systems of oppression, build social movements based on justice and equality, as well as advance an egalitarian economy and the decommodification of social necessities.

Perspectives accepts submissions from contributors in several formats including:

  • Opinion Perspectives provides an outlet for experts to quickly express their points-of-view in short format (600-1000 words) pieces.
  • Analysis — Long-form (1500-5000 words) analysis pieces will be used to analyze issues of political economy, theory, or historical narrative in-depth, accompanied by data visualizations to empirically support a thesis. Analysis pieces are published in quarterly issues of the Perspectives Journal, and may also be accompanied by an audio podcast or video content where the author(s) may speak to their subject matter in-depth.
    • Proposed submissions to the second issue of Perspectives Journal are due to by August 30th, 2024.
  • Explainers — Explainers can resemble longer form analysis (1000-3000 words), but are more factual than argumentative, dispelling myths, and can be used to help in wider public information on an issue, rather than digging deeper into detail.
  • Reviews — Critical reviews of non-fiction and fiction literature, film, television, musical or stage performances, or other cultural works from a left-wing perspective can be accepted, and formatted similarly to opinion pieces (600-1000 words). Reviews of research work such as policy reports, events such as workshops, training, or discussions, as well as reactions to pieces such as journal articles can be submitted as well.

Though Perspectives is an English-language publication with critical content translated into French, we encourage submissions from contributors whose first language may not be English. The editorial team welcomes submissions from both established and new writers, researchers, and experts from across Canada and beyond.

Perspectives pays an honorarium for each contribution that is offered upon acceptance of a proposal and determined by the type and length of the submitted content. The editorial team reserves the right to choose not to publish unsolicited submissions that fall outside the purview of our publication’s editorial scope.

Editorial Guidelines

Unsolicited contributions submitted to Perspectives should fit at least one of the following editorial criteria:

  • Submissions should reflect the Broadbent Principles for Canadian Social Democracy.
  • Provides a unique angle on an issue of political economy, current affairs, a piece of media, or public policy.
  • Provides analysis, theory, or perspective on issues related to the Broadbent Institute’s core research streams: Empowering Workers, Climate Action, Decommodification (care, education, housing), and Science and Tech for All.
  • Responds to/deconstructs right-wing ideas and approaches to public policy.
  • Does not derive so substantially from previous work by the author so as to be redundant or repetitive, derive from another author’s work so substantially that publication would be accused of plagiarism.

Upon receipt of a submitted proposal, the editorial team will determine its substantive fit within its editorial criteria. Perspectives uses the Canadian Press (CP) Style Guide.

Submit a Proposal

To be considered for publication by the editorial review committee, we request a short proposal, not exceeding 200 words, outlining the subject, approach and sources. Please ensure the content you are submitting is original and free of any unauthorized advertising or promotional materials.

For pieces that are already completed before their submissions to Perspectives, a short synopsis of the article, not exceeding 200 words, is required for consideration before editorial review and approval.

Please submit your proposals for contributions to

Please include “Submission” in the subject line. If the piece is time sensitive, please indicate that in brackets (Time Sensitive).


Writers may license their article to be reprinted after publication in Perspectives as it appeared in its final edited form in Perspectives provided that Perspectives is acknowledged as the original publisher. We ask that any re-publications include a link back to the original piece along with the following note: “Originally published by Perspectives Journal

Any reprint fees secured by the author belong to the author alone. Writers may re-license material from their original manuscript, if it has been substantially rewritten, without providing any prior attribution.