Pharmacare Showdown with MP Don Davies

NDP members voted to withdraw support for the Liberal Confidence and Supply Agreement in Parliament if Pharmacare is not implemented. After the vote, what’s next?

A clear pill bottle spills a number of orange and white capsules on an orange piece of paper.
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash.

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At the federal New Democratic Party’s 2023 convention held October 13-15 in Hamilton, Ontario, party membership voted unanimously for the NDP to withdraw support of the Liberal government’s Confidence and Supply Agreement, holding the minority Parliament together, if they do not deliver on a universal, comprehensive public national Pharmacare program.

Pharmacare was one of the terms and conditions of the agreement, and would help to enable the further decommodification of healthcare in Canada, pushing back against privatization while eliminating major costs to Canada’s healthcare systems.

So after the vote, what’s next?

To dive deeper into what this means for Parliament, social democratic commentator and columnist Tom Parkin spoke to Don Davies, Member of Parliament for Vancouver–Kingsway and federal NDP health critic, for Perspectives Journal.

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